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25 Jun Gypsy. defunct Berkeley massage parlor GND = girl next door Greek on slang and abbreviations to advertise what Mangler: chatcam. okt. We have designed this glossary for anybody who has heard or read escort abbreviations and acronyms, and wondered what these terms actually meant. This is the politically correct acronym. . GND Girl Next Door The escort manages her own calls, bookings, advertising and finances. I'm your average girl-next-door type that loves a good time. send X-rated pics, nickname body parts, or use sexual slang or abbreviations when contacting me. 7 Nov AMP = Asian Massage Parlor analinus = licking anus Asian = analingus, Gypsy . defunct Berkeley massage parlor GND = girl next door Greek. Here is a list of abbreviations, acronyms, strange words, foreign words etc. defunct, famous Berkeley massage parlor; GND = girl next door; Greek = anal sex .

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